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Terra Mitica is nowadays the most important thematic park in Alicante. It is divided in five areas, four of the areas surround the Great Lake that represents the Mediterranean sea, and from the fifth area, the islands emerge. Through the lake you can travel with different ships to all the places in the park. These ships show the evolution of the mediterranean sailing culture along the history. Visitors can also visit the whole park on foot without any problem.

Although the whole park is homogeneous, each area has a differentiated personality. This way, we can know the cultures of: Egypt (Pharaohs Period), the Egypt of the pyramids, of the sphinxes, the Port of Alexandria, the bazaars... Greece (The place of the gods), welcome to the mythological Greece. Get ready to enjoy with the most impressive legends in the Hellenic culture... Rome (The Frontier), when crossing the Bridge of Merida, you will enter in a great Roman Stronghold where still lives today all the splendor of the civilization that dominated the world... Iberia (The Warm), in Iberia you will intensely live the best parties and the traditions of our earth.

Alicante Pride: The buildings, the roadway, the trees and the sculptures are essential part in the atmosphere of the park. Decorated according to the area in which the park is located, the park gives us the sensation of being living in ancient times. The animation in the streets propitiates the visitor's active participation like main character. There's also areas of rest and services in any part of the park.

Terra Mitica is the only place in Alicante where tourists can taste the typical foods of each continent, Luxor, in Egypt to taste the Hummus or the Tahina lamb, The Acropolis, in Greece with their Tzatziki or the Suvlakia, Via Apia in Rome where Cod is served to the Venetian style, L'Almadrava in Iberia, a replica of the Arrayanes Patio in The Alambra where visitors can eat fish and rice, Corfu in the Islands. Of course there are also typical restaurants of quick food, sandwiches and refreshments.

Besides their novelties,we don't have to forget that the leisure enclosure offers about thirty attractions, more than a hundred daily performances, 80 restaurants or restoration points, 18 stores where to buy Alicante typical gifts, and five areas of free games. Last year were sold more than 22.000 season passes. The park has many services like consigns, collection of purchases, shopping carts rent and seats of wheels, nursery of animals, lost people, lost objects...

Some advices for tourists coming to Alicante to see the park: it's very important to keep in mind the schedules of the shows and parades, don't care to lose some time to study the situation of the park and to plan the visits. In each attraction there is a poster with the minutes of queue that is necessary to wait. This will give tourists an idea of the time they have left to enter in the attraction.

Opening calendar
March, April, May, June, July 1-18, 8-30 September, October, November, December: from 10.00 until 20.00 hours. 19-31 July, August, 1-7 September: from 10.00 until 24.00 hours.

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