Alicante Fiestas

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A stay in Alicante is a luxury for the senses. In Alicante we find daily entertainment in areas such as the characteristic old part. There are institutionalized fiestas month after month, beginning with a New Year Concert, multitudinous Santa fax pilgrimage, the colorful Moors and Christians, the main festivities of the Hogueras de San Juan, summer festivals, contemporary theatre and music and the splendor of Christmas.

Alicante fiestas with their traditional 'Bous al carrer' (Bulls in the street), Blazes and Moorish and Christian, are an incentive more for the tourists, an eminently family public, with ages between 30 and the 60 years that are attracted by the charm and the tranquility of the town. The faithfulest are from Madrid and Castilla and among the foreigners, Englishmen and German.

The most important of all fiestas in Alicante is 'Las Hogueras', a fiesta that exalts the fecundity of the woman, as much for aesthetics as for her essence; the Bellea del Foc represents during the entire year the alicantine woman. This sympathy becomes extensive in the parades where the presence of beautiful girls is applauded by the crowd that fills the streets. Another important fiestas in Alicante are 'Semana Santa', 'Santa Faz', the carnival and the 'Moros y Cristianos' (Moorish and Christian).

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