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General questions

DoYouSpain is an online comparison website.

  1. We search and compare the prices of all the van hire companies in Spain in real time. This means that we can always offer you the cheapest price.
  2. The van hire companies know that thousands of people visit our website every day to look for van hire. That’s why they always offer their cheapest rates on our website.

You need to bring your passport or identity card, your credit card to leave a security deposit and your driving licence. To rent a van with DoYouSpain you must be in possession of a valid driving license which is valid under the laws of the related country.

We are never able to confirm the make, model or colour of the van you will receive. Your booking isn’t associated with a specific vehicle (make or model, colour, equipment etc) but is for a group of vehicles with similar characteristics.

You can do this in the 'My Booking' section of our website

You can modify or cancel your booking using the links below or in the 'My Booking' section of your website. You'll also find these links on your rental voucher.

It's usually free to modify or cancel your booking, but please check the Terms of Use for your booking as there are some suppliers which have limitations.

Remember that no refunds will be given if the booking is not cancelled before the start time and we cannot use this money for other bookings

More questions? Check out our full FAQ. Or get in touch with us.

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